UPDATE 2019-07-23

Experimental, for subscribers only: there is new auto updating web page, no need to reload. Follow the link on the current wind page and bookmark the new page. The "Wind history today" button there will load a wind speed graph since midnight. White line is 2 minute wind average, gray line is from minimum to maximum wind. Send feedback to info (at) paraglider.ca

UPDATE 2019-05-25

Big thank you to everyone who purchased a subscription in 2018! Grand total of 285.00 was received, and while it did not pay for all of the expense of running the servers, it did make a dent, and the weather stations will continue operating. If we collect some CAD 500 this year, we will be able to replace both anemometers (the spinning things - they have service life of about 3-5 years, and cost CAD 208 on amazon.ca).

MT7 and Nicholson landing field will now require subscription to access real-time data. The wind reporting system has been in operation for some 8 years now, and while the cost of the initial hardware was largely covered by payments from Golden Flying Site, the operation of the system still costs money and was to be supported by donations. The sum total of donations received to date is $40.

I have since replaced the hardware several times (the first windstation was hit by lightning and destroyed - the current generation is lighting hardened), without getting paid for anything from anyone. Local people purchased and donated car batteries, new pole and mounting hardware (Scott and I had replaced it in May 2018, as some vandals broke it), etc.

The wind meters are not in any way affiliated with any tandem flight operation in Golden.

Therefore, to continue operating the wind meters, a pay-per-use system has been implemented. Please support the wind meters and subscribe. Full access for 24 hour period is about the price of a latte, and the programmers need coffee to function!

Access without subscription is still available, but data is delayed. Please subscribe using the button below.

DurationRegular PricePaypal Price
24 hoursn/aCAD 5
7 daysCAD 25CAD 20
(until Dec 31)
n/aCAD 50

If you happen to be in the LZ and see a white sprinter van, with some rusty spots and solar panel on the roof, and you have cash on hand, stop by, I may be around to add your subscription manually.

If you must get your access code for the regular price of CAD 25 on piece of paper, please contact Scott Wattwood by calling +1.250.344.3214. We prefer to push around electrons instead of dead trees, and he also prefers that you use PayPal. He only gets CAD 5 for his effort, which will go to the general site maintenance.

If you run into any kind of a difficulty with your subscription, please contact me, best by email, to info@paraglider.ca, or you can text me at +1.587.288.1455. If you call or text Scott at the number above, all he can do is relay your message to me.


Wind Speed and Direction, MT7 and Nicholson LZ, with subscription

If you have an access code and stil difficulties accessing the paid up subscription, please manually type the URL below into your browser (i.e., tell your browser which page you want to look at). Replace the letters ACCESSCODE with your actual subscription access code. Same access code works for both stations.
and bookmark both pages.

Wind Speed and Direction (real time or delayed)

Golden, BC, Mount Seven Launch
Golden, BC, Nicholson Landing Field
Invermere, BC, Mount Swansea Launch
Invermere Airport, BC (courtesy of Soar the Rockies)

24 Hour Wind Speed and Direction History...

Golden, BC, Mount Seven Launch
Golden, BC, Nicholson Landing Field
Invermere, BC, Mount Swansea Launch

24 Hour Wind Speed and Direction History, with 14 minute zoom...

Golden, BC, Mount Seven Launch
Golden, BC, Nicholson Landing Field
Invermere, BC, Mount Swansea Launch

If you like the wind data on this site, and would like the site to be there when you need it, please consider sharing the cost of running it by making a donation. You can donate conveniently by using the PayPal button below. You can also put real cash into the donation box in MT7 landing field. If you would like to support specific windstation, please mention it in your donation message. Please supply an e-mail address with your donation, we are considering adding more ways to see the data and folks who support us will get access. Suggestions are always welcome, email them to info [at] paraglider.ca
Above all, have fun flying!

UPDATE 2019-06-29

The donation button has been deleted, replaced by the subscription system. If you are non-pilot wishing to make donation, please use the donation box in the landing field.